A better install...


Avanti developed AIM - Avanti Install Method


AIM is a series of installation methods designed by Avanti and based on firsthand experience installing windows in real-world new construction.


Tested and recommended by DuPont, AIM uses advanced butyl-based flashing products and provides clear sill details in all conditions.


AIM creates a better install by:

  •  Using superior butyl flashing materials to protect against downstream trade damage
  •  Providing clear details that allow trades to work together on quality openings 

Dupont Flashing Tape + FlexWrap:

  • Butyl adhesive performs through extreme temperatures 
  • Durable, tear resistant, and self-sealing around fastener penetrations 
  • FlexWrap handles complex transitions with one monolithic piece

DuPont Tyvek Commercial Wrap: 

  • High Performance weather barrier engineered for commercial construction 
  • Superior protection from water and air infiltration
  • Durable, tough, and tear-resistant
  • Wide integration margin permits a window first install and integrates with many weather resistant barrier solutions